Thanks again for your work both on the app and in the seminars! This is the best piece of translation tech in a very long time!

Martin Cross, Japanese Translator and senior linguist at
I wholeheartedly recommend CotranslatorAI for my fellow translators. Utilizing the GPT technology, this software simplifies many editing tasks, making them faster to complete. With a prompt library and shortcuts, CotranslatorAI improves upon ChatGPT by reducing the need to input instructions one at a time. This useful tool has positively impacted my work as a post-editor and translator.
Rocío Valero Lucas, English/French/German/Swedish > Spanish/Spain Translator

Hello Steven,

Thank you and Stanislav for all your work and efforts in developing this wonderful tool.

Having started quite early with you and CotranslatorAI, I have been able to get more effective and learn more by using your tool. As my work consists of many routine translating assignments, I have been able to speed up my work by 50 percent or even more. I am not young any more and I have got not so much energy as before so that your tool allows me to compensate for that.

A really huge thank you to you both and the whole team!

Thank you also for sharing all the updates.

Looking forward to receiving your next news, I remain your sincerely,

Ivana B. , Budweis, Czechia