To empower translators worldwide with cutting-edge AI technology, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and quality in their work.


We are dedicated to providing a seamless and intuitive translation tool that harnesses the power of AI to transform the translation industry. We strive to continuously develop and refine our solution ensuring that it meets the evolving needs of professional translators. By fostering a collaborative community and offering comprehensive support and resources, we aim to help translators unlock their full potential and deliver exceptional work across languages and cultures.

Our Team

Steven S. Bammel, PhD

Steven is a Korean-to-English technical translator and President of Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. With a background in Strategic Management from Hanyang University, Korea, and Economics from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA, Steven has combined his translation expertise with a growing knowledge of AI tools to contribute to the development of CotranslatorAI. As an active member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and a seasoned translator, Steven is an active translator, applying his language-related skillset and AI techniques to deliver his best work efficiently.

Stanislav Okhvat

Stanislav Okhvat is a translator turned software developer with a background in language studies and technical translation. During his career as an in-house technical translator, he worked to increase the productivity of the company’s translation team. This led him to develop TransTools, a suite of productivity tools for translators and editors, and TransTools+, a set of additional advanced tools for translation industry professionals.

Dave Neve (B.A. in Linguistics)

Dave graduated in Linguistics with Swedish and French at Newcastle University (UK). He went on to teach English as a foreign language in Spain and then France, mostly in higher education. Having enjoyed translating for colleagues, students and educational institutions, Dave became a full-time freelance translator in 2013, under the name “SafeTex”.

Dave joined the CotranslatorAI team in July 2023 as a voluntary consultant, and now focuses on non-translation market promotion and community development, while continuing to translate part-time.

Contact Us

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