Handling Line Breaks in Microsoft Word and Other Text Processors

In CotranslatorAI, line breaks at the end of the selected text are intelligently retained, provided they are part of the selection. However, users should be aware of certain peculiarities in the way Microsoft Word, Wordpad, and possibly other text processing tools (except PowerPoint and Excel), handle clipboard operations concerning line breaks.

When text is selected along with a single line break at the end, Word and Wordpad do not copy this line break to the clipboard, resulting in CotranslatorAI not preserving it. Conversely, if text is selected with multiple line breaks at the end, Word and Wordpad will copy all of them to the clipboard, but remove one upon pasting.

Since CotranslatorAI cannot determine the text processor being used and adjust its behavior accordingly, we advise users to refrain from selecting the final line break when choosing text to be translated through CotranslatorAI’s shortcut keys.

To make this process seamless, it’s helpful to enable the display of non-printing characters in Microsoft Word. This will allow you to clearly see and accurately select text without including the final line break.

In summary:

Be mindful of how you select text in Microsoft Word and similar text processors before using CotranslatorAI’s shortcut keys. Avoid selecting the final line break to ensure the translated text maintains the intended formatting.